About us




My name is Werner Leitmüller. I am the founder of Copy Pet.

We at CopyPet love animals, and we love technology. The combination of these two passions led to the founding of our company.

We give all pet owners the opportunity to have your pet always around. Whether in the office or at home – our detailed models of the animals are something permanent and unique. We do not just want to make animal photos; You certainly have enough of that. We make your animal so live that you believe your horse is at the desk or in the nursery.

We want to spend as much time as possible with our animals. It is a pity that your cat is not allowed to enter the office, or that the horse is standing all the week away on the paddock. That’s why we were thinking about how we can help you keep your darling around you. This is best done with a beautiful model for attack, which looks like your pet is confused and can be placed wherever you want.

CopyPet makes your pet an incomparable reminder. With just a few pictures from your collection you upload to our website, we create your very own model of your pet. In doing so, we attach great importance to reproducing your favorite as precisely as possible. With an extra picture of the favorite position of your animal friend, your 3D model looks exactly the way you prefer it.

I am excited about the opportunity that our 3D service offers you, and I look forward to transforming your pet into a unique little copy of your animal family member.

Yours, Werner Leitmüller





Our company values



Successful companies stand on a solid foundation of values. I also founded my company, because these values ​​are important to me and I decided to keep these values



Trust in our partners and customers









Full use for the 3D model of your pet






Continuous innovation



Satisfaction with the product



Fun at work



High quality



Good customer relations




The first 3 values especially, ​​form the basis for a successful business relationship. Mutual trust and a respectful relationship with customers and suppliers are irreplaceable. Discipline in executing the tasks in the company creates satisfaction on all sides. The other values ​​are essentially derived from this. And quite honestly: without fun at work it does not go.



Make yourself or others happy and order your own dog as a 3D model today!