Your pet as a precious jewel!!

So precious and unique as your pet!

Are you looking for something special? Making your favorite pet as a precious piece of jewellery is something very special. Whether as a pendant for a necklace or for a bracelet, your pet is the template for the jewellery. You can choose whether your jewellery should be gold, silver or stainless steel.

With our jewellery pieces, a timeless precious item is made for you. In high-calibre gold or noble silver our jewellery is a perfect view of the attention. The perfect reproduction of your pet will inspire you.

Our goldsmith leaves nothing to be desired in execution. You would like a pendant for a necklace with diamonds or rubies? No problem, we will discuss your wishes with you and then manufacture your jewellery according to your requirements. Your imagination is the limit.

Should your jewellery be an eternal memory? We also process generations or diamonds from the ashes of your animal and thus create the perfect lasting memory of the beloved being.


The model of your pet is available in

Yellow gold

White gold

Red gold


Make yourself or others happy and order your pet as a piece of jewellery today.