Your own horse as a 3D printing model

Would not you like to have your horse in the office?

How often do you come to your horse stable during the week? Everyday? Maybe not. Then you will be treated like many horses. Your horse usually stands in the stable or pasture. Often, you are far from your noble animal. It is often not possible to look after the animal every day. The stable, where your horse is set, will take care of your pet all week. In secret, however, you want to have your riding partner much more often.

Of course, this is not possible. You spend your days at work. It is impossible to take a horse with you but to lean against the shoulder of the big animal and enjoy its proximity, would bring an extra motivation thrust for the work.

Unfortunately, we often have to say goodbye to our horses, either because of the death of the animal or by its sale.

Of course, we can not return your horse or pony or put it into your office for you.

What we can do is make you feel like your favorite is with you. With a life-size 3D print model of your horse, we give you a wonderful lasting memory of your pet.

The models are ideally suited as




Piece of jewellery

Make yourself or others happy and order your own horse as a 3D model today!