Your own Cat as a 3D printed Modell



Do you always know where your cat is wandering?

What can be more beautiful than having your own cat around? Unfortunately, this is often not so easy. Especially in everyday life, the cat cannot go anywhere with you. And many cats do not want it. The animals are happy in their 4 walls or their garden.

We cat owners would have the animals there and then gladly in the office. If it is just quite stressful again, and we wish our velvet paws would pass a short pang. If we just need a little break and can sit back and sit back. It would be nice if the darling was there and purring contentedly.

Often the beloved house cat is already deceased or seriously ill. Just then it would be nice to remember as realistically as possible the dear animal. Most especially when it was still healthy and agile.

We can not restore your cat to life or health. Also in the office or the work place, the beloved animal cannot be there with you in reality.

With our models, however, you will feel that your favorite is yours. With the living models of your cat, we create a small work of art from your little tiger. We perpetuate your cat!


The models are perfect for





Your own cat as a 3d printed model!