Your own dog as a 3D printing model

Your dog as a constant companion?

It’s not that easy to keep him around. Often the animal is not allowed. Dogs in the office are always more often allowed and also raise the working environment. Nevertheless, it is usually not happy if you take your four-legged family member to work.

As a distraction from office days, it would be great, if the dog would be there. In the break briefly, take him around the block or quickly into the park. Then you get much more relaxed back to work.

But also the loss of the dear companion often arouses the desire to have a lasting memory of him. Just then it would be nice to remember as realistically as possible the beloved animal. A memory of the time spent together in the park, playing or in the garden.

We can not bring your dog back to life. The beloved animal can not come to the office or workplace either.

What we can do is give you the feeling that your favorite would be with you. With a life-like model of your dog, we create a wonderful lasting memory of your pet. We perpetuate your dog for you.

This is easy for you. You only have to send us 5 photos of your pet. You can take the photos yourself without any effort. Your dog can be lying on his favorite place, sitting, or – if you want – to give paws. You do not need a photographer or a 3D scanner.

We make each dog a single piece. From your photos, we make a 3D model of your dog with great attention to detail and a lot of time. You will almost believe your dog is sitting by the fireplace or on your desk.


The models are ideally suited as




Piece of jewelry

Make yourself or others a joy and order your own dog as a 3D model today!