Photo guide to your model


With the CopyPet service, almost perfect miniature models can be produced from animals or other objects. We produce a 3D model of the animal on the computer from the photos provided. It is precise and with great attention to detail to ensure that the original is reproduced as accurately as possible. The results are comparable to those of 3D scanners. After modeling on the computer, the model is printed in color on a 3D printer and sent to the customer.


What photos are needed, and what do I need to take while photographing?




The quality of the images, especially the color accuracy of the picture series, determines to a large extent how close the appearance of the model comes to the real animal. Therefore the following points are very important!



The photos should be taken at the earliest possible angle to the animal so that there are no gross distortions in the respective views.

The view from above can also pass from a slightly oblique angle, since in very large animals such as horses it is often not possible at all.

If the model animal occupies a special position (lying, running, sitting etc.), the animal must also be photographed once in this position. For this position an extra photo is necessary

In order to make the models as colorful as possible, the animal should be photographed in a neutral light.

In the case of the individual images, care must be taken that the light irradiation is similar to the animal and that the color on all images is as far as possible identical.


Do not photograph one side in the sun and the other side in the shadow.

Do not take a picture with the light and make a picture against the light.

Not one image at sun and another at artificial light.

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