You have any questions about your new 3D model from your favorite pet?

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions. If this does not answer your question, please feel free to contact us directly.
How big are the models?


The models are between 10 cm and 20 cm.

Small models are 10 cm in size
Medium models are 15 cm tall
Large models are 20 cm in size.

We always use the longest side of the model as a basis for the size. That means, for example.

A small model of a sitting dog is 10 cm high.
A small model of a lying dog is 10 cm long.

The width and depth of the model are determined according to the natural proportions of the animal.


How stable are the models?


The models are made of polymer gypsum and after the pressure are hardened with a kind of super glue. Despite this treatment, the models are not toys. They are suitable as decorative objects, but not for daily playing for children.


Are models of deceased animals possible?






How does the service work?


They send us 5 or more pictures of your pet, and we model them with handmade loving attention to detail your pet. Afterward, your pet model will be produced with the latest 3D printers and sent to you.




How does the price of the models come about?


We invest a lot of time in creating your model to get it as perfect as possible to the unique original. This happens in handwork and is taken very strictly by us. We want you to be happy with your model, and for that we take the time we need.

The production on the most modern 3D printing machines also has an effect on the price, but it is also necessary to be able to convert the elaborately modeled model into a real object.


What do I have to take into account in the photos?


The photos are very easy to create. You just have to pay attention to a few small things. Photograph your pet from left, right, front, rear and as far as it goes from above. Try to photograph the animal at a very shallow angle.
Make the images as neutral as possible. Try not to photograph your pet against the sun or against a strong light source.
If you need to find the images from old photos, try to select those images where the animal looks as similar as possible. A brief example: If you have a long-haired dog, look for photos with the same hairstyle. So if possible not a picture in the winter fur and one after the dog hairdresser with summer tummies.
Details- further details can be found in our photo manual.


What should I do if I would like to order my model more than once?


You want to order more than 1 piece? Then use the “Successor model” function for the additional models.

You would like to order your model more than 5 times? Then contact us. We will be pleased to make you an individual offer for your model.

Are the models suitable for outdoor use?


Due to the material used, the models are NOT water resistant and should only be installed in living rooms. Unfortunately, the material development in 3D printing is not yet fully developed in order to be able to produce color models that are suitable for exterior use.



What are the models made of?


The models are made of polymer gypsum. This is applied layer by layer in the printing process. Each layer is bonded with a binder and paint to the bottom layer. Finally, the models are still hardened.




What do I have to pay attention to when ordering?


The service is very simple. What you need is 5 photos. You can find out how to create these best. If you have taken the pictures with the mobile phone or with a normal camera, go to our website and upload the pictures during the ordering process.




Is there a size restriction in the animals that can be modeled?


We will model every animal you send us – from the small Spitzmaus to the elephant or the giraffe. It is important that the pictures you send from your pet meet the criteria so that we can make a high-quality model.




You have any further questions, please contact us!