Your own pet as a 3D printing model

Do you have a beloved pet?

It’s not so easy to have your pet around you anytime, isn’t it?

As a talisman, it would be great if your favorite pet could be on your side.

This is easy for you. You only need to send us 5 photos of your pet. You can take the photos yourself without effort. Your pet can sit, lie, or, if you want, give a paw. You do not need a photographer or a 3D scanner.We then make each dog a single piece. From your

We then make each pet a single piece. From your photos, we create a 3D model of your favorite animal with great attention to detail and a lot of time. You will almost believe your favorite pet is sitting by the fireplace or on your desk.


The models are ideally suited as




Piece of jewelry

Make yourself or others happy and order your own horse as a 3D model today!