With 5 photos to the perfect gift!



Are you looking for a special gift?

How about a 3D figure from your own pet?

You certainly know a dear person who loves his pet above all else. Or do you find it a pity that your cat cannot go with you to the office or that your horse is on the pad all week? Or are you looking for a memory of a beloved pet? We take 5 pictures of your pet and make beautiful figures of your favorite. The models are individually produced for you and are absolutely unique pieces that you only get with us!

The figures are unique and very special!

You cannot make a greater joy to a person who loves his animal. Or just give yourself up!




Hunde als 3D Modell
Katze als 3D Modell
Hunde als 3D Modell
Hunde als 3D Modell


Models and their role models



What our customers have to say about our models



Thank you for the beautiful model of my “Wichtel”! We are a horse and therapy farm, and Wichtel is one of our therapy horses. When I learned about the possibility to get it as a small model, I was instantly thrilled. And that I had only 5 photos to make for it, the thing for me and Wichtel made childlike!


Petra Schwaiger


Would you like to have your pet as a precious jewel?


With us, you have the possibility of making your favorite pet as a precious piece of jewelry.

It does not matter whether its silver or gold. You can let your pet shine in noble glamor and carry it with you as a jewelry always everywhere you go.


Order your own 3D model of your pet today!

We love our pets

If we could, we would have our favorite animals with us all day. Everyone has many photos of their animal. So many, that most of them are on a mobile phone or computer and we rarely get to see the pictures.

Our models are different!

Your pet is now sitting at the desk, in the kitchen or in the office. Always! Your dog will always look loving and faithful to you. Your cat is soulless in its place, and your horse is not only in the paddock but also in the nursery.

Our models are small works of art from your pet. A true 3D model of your pet.

Everyone who gets such a model will have an incredible pleasure every day. You will be happy about your horse, or your child about a small puppy model from the family dog when it was still a child.

Who can say of himself, his horse is in the office?

At CopyPet, we are through and through animal lovers and love our work. Our greatest pleasure is when you are happy with your model or make someone happy with it.

Yours, Werner Leitmüller



Greatest detail and accuracy

With the latest 3D printing technology, the model of your pet looks just like your own animal at home.

Easy and quick preparation for you and your favorite

Stress-free for your pet and you! A few existing or new images are enough.


Fast and save delivery!

In about 20 business days, you will have your pet ordered at our online shop delivered to your home.

Order your pet 3d printed pet model today!

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